Ozeki House Hot Sake Small 8oz ……5,Large 12oz ……8

Junmai, Well-balanced. A fresh, light tasting sake to match any cuisine. From Hollister CA. Alc 16%

Toji-Kan 10oz ……20

Premium Futsu-shu. Well-balanced.TOJI-KAN combines Mr. Nakazawa’s masterful brewing techniques with 100% Yamada Nishiki rice to create a balanced and refreshing Sake. Alc 15.3%

Ozeki Sake Dry 375ml ……14

Junmai, Dry & Smooth. A fresh, dry and smooth to suit the discriminating taste of sake connoisseurs. From Hollister CA. Alc 14.5%

Hakutsuru Organic 300ml ……20

Junmai, dry. Sharp, dry and light-bodied. From start to finish all ingredients and processes are USDA certified organic. Alc 14.5%

 Superior Junmai Ginjo 300ml ……19

Junmai Ginjo, Fruity. Hakutsuru has managed to craft a truly superior Junmai Ginjo with soft floral notes and a well-balanced smoothness. Alc 14.5%

Sayuri Nigori 300ml ……19

Junmai Unfiltered, Rich & Semi Sweet. Brewed with selected rice, koji and the natural water of Rokko. It has a refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste. Alc 12.5%

Awayuki Sparkling Sake 300ml ……18

Junmai Sparkling Sake, Sweet and Refreshing. Softly sweet sparkling sake with notes of peach, cucumber, watermelon and just a hint of marshmallow creme. Enjoy chilled, crisp, cool and refreshing. Alc 5.5%

Hakutsuru Excellent Junmai 10oz ……12

Junmai, Rich & Smooth. Well-aged Sake with full-bodied taste and mellow aftertaste. From Kobe Japan. Alc 15%    

Hakutsuru Draft 300ml ……15

Junmai Namachozo, Light & Smooth. If you like light beer, this is perfect Sake for you. Light, refreshing Sake that is easy to drink. Alc 14%. From Kobe Japan.

Sesshu Otokoyama 300ml ……28

Toubetsu Junmai, Dry and light. Feet with ample minerality and a smooth, creamy texture that shows honeydew melon and citrus before finishing long and mineral. Alc 14%- 16%  

Bunraku Nihonjin no Wasuremono 300ml ……28

Junmai, Dry & Rich. Addictingly Refreshing, Clean, Fruit Overtones, Pleasing Finish. From Saitama. Alc 15.5%

Sho Unn Junmai Daiginjo 300ml ……30

Junmai Daiginjo, Smooth & Fragrant. Using 100% Yamada Nishiki rice. Velvety smooth Sake with fruity aroma. Alc 15.5%. From Kobe Japan    

Shirakawago Sasanigori 300ml ……28

Junmai Ginjo Nigori, Rich & Semi. Sweet Lightly cloudy with a consistent whitish hue. Aromas are delicate, hinting at newly blossomed flowers, cucumbers and fresh spring water. From Gifu Alc 15%-16%

Plum Wine 750ml Glass ……8 Bottles ……34

Plum Wine, Light & Sweet.  This is real thing! Genuine plum wine fermented from real plum juice, with sweet and refreshingly tangy flavor. If you are looking for not too sweet but delicious real plum wine, this is your PLUM WINE! Alc15.5%